Driven by a love of festivals and raving, we aim to provide you with an eclectic collection of useful accessories and gear to complement your festival adventures around the globe. We have been to over a hundred festivals in the last three years and let’s just say that we have gone through our fair share of trial runs before finding the ultimate list of things we can’t go to a music festival without! Inspired by these first-hand experiences, we wanted to provide you with a platform that offers practical and versatile items to accompany you on all your festival trips.

Festing.Store is operated by passionate ravers who understand that the right festival kit needs to tick a few important boxes. As festivalgoers there are a few things we look out for, we expect our gear to stand the test of time, we prefer it to be easily accessible, and it should of course be anything but boring and unexciting. Because of this, we have created a go-to place where you can find resilient and eccentric music festival supplies at affordable prices. And before we even consider listing a product, you can rest assured that we test run it ourselves to guarantee that we’re sharing items that we feel can really make a difference to your rave days. Everything from festival wear, ear protection, sustainable glitter and beyond. Shopping for reliable rave gear has never been so easy!

Available online year-round to offer you festival solutions no matter which festival you are heading to. Whether you’re an avid raver or festival newbie, you’ll find items that will enhance every single one of your festival experiences.